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A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest

Let me preface this by saying this is not a review. This is 100% a rant that is filled with spoilers. Don’t read this if you don’t want to be spoiled or don’t want to hear me rant about a series that you love!!

Okay, so this is the second book in the A Shade of Vampire series. I hated the first book, but I had a feeling that it was going to be one of those series that I love to hate read. I stand corrected.

So this picks up pretty much immediately where book one left off. Ben and Sofia wake up on the beach with a bag of money and a change of clothes from where the vampires released them. They are both still pretty freaked out from the experience (especially Ben and being basically a blood whore for Claudia), so they decide to chill in Mexico for a few days before contacting Ben’s parents. PAUSE CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND? Two minors disappear from their family vacation in Mexico and then show back up a month(s??) later and no one notices?? Even weirder is that when they finally do contact Ben’s parents, they’re like “ok cool you’re ok but you need to talk to the police because we reported you missing.” Sofia and Ben basically just tell the police that they decided to run away and everyone is basically like “ok cool.” TWO MINORS DISAPPEAR IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY AND EVERYONE IS JUST OK WITH IT. OK OK OK

Anyway, so they go back to California and try to be normal teens again except for the fact that now Ben realizes that Sofia cares about Derek and she isn’t pining over him anymore. Now he is suddenly enamored with her because he always “knew she was his.” FULL STOP BRO. Whatever hotness you had just got erased when you admit that you have cared about her all this time (and even know she loves you!!!) but knew she was end game and decided to play the field until you decide you’re ready to settle down for her.

Long story short, Ben is still traumatized over what happened at The Shade and Sofia can’t move past it either but for different reasons. They try to have a relationship together but ultimately fail because of how differently they feel about The Shade.

Things are also going bad at The Shade because Derek is freaking out about everything because he misses Sofia. He lays down the iron fist and things start getting really bad. He is also hitting up all sorts of ladies to take his mind off things (even Claudia in her prison cell… Ew). Vivienne knows the real deal about the prophecy about Derek and Sofia, so she knows she has to bring Sofia back (because that sounds like a good idea). Vivienne convinces Sofia to come back and does this weird thing where she gives a bunch of her memories to Sofia because she knows she is going to get captured by the hunters… And of course she does.

Sofia ends up going back to The Shade. Derek is pissed at first because Vivienne is basically dead now because she risked everything to bring Sofia back. Sofia walks in on him getting his vamp on with one of the other slave girls but turns out the girl WAS ACTUALLY A HUNTER DUN DUN DUN.

Ben ends up joining the hunters after Sofia leaves because he is so pissed. He is welcomed with open arms to the hunter complex and even gets to meet the head hunter which turns out to be… SOFIA’S LONG LOST ABSENT FATHER. PLOT TWIST!!!!

Ben spends the rest of the book struggling with helping Sofia’s dad and the hunters figure out info from the Shade. He even tortures Vivienne until she puts him in his place on how he is no better than Claudia (SUCK IT BEN). Ben’s part of the book ends with everyone still not knowing where The Shade is but knowing they need to find it ASAP.

Sofia spends her time at The Shade being pissed st Derek for being a human and hurting the hunter girl. She ends up talking him into letting her go. She also (after the suggestion from Corrine) decides to find out all about the human population on the island and is shocked at what she finds. She meets a really nice family that has had their dad and brother taken away. Later she finds Claudia walking around with the brother as her slave. Drama ensues. Derek intervenes. More drama.

Sofia is so pissed and hurt with Derek that she can’t even deal with him so she ignores him (the bad part is she doesn’t even know the worst part– he’s planning another human culling!!!!). Eventually they get over it and FINALLY END UP HAVING SEX. THANK THE LORD. I PAID $3.99 FOR THIS EBOOK AND HAD TO WAIT UNTIL THE SECOND TO LAST CHAPTER TO GET TO THE GOODS. Even though we don’t get any details, I’m just glad it finally happened so maybe now they will stop acting like two brooding horny teeangers.

They’re all in love now because he took her “maidenhood” (vom) and are back to being lovey dovey. Now that the initial deed is done, they are doing it all over (still no deets) and walking around the penthouse on Cloud Nine because it FINALLY happened. 

That is until Derek’s dad walks in (because Lukas told him how Sofia is ruining Derek) and instantly hates her. To make it worse he is all like “I see the girls virgin blood on your bed” and it gets super weird and awkward and I just can’t.

Anyway, the book ends with everyone being in turmoil. Lukas is in Egypt with the bad vampire clan. Derek and Sofia admitted their love but now that daddy Novak is back things are going to get bad. Ben is trying to be a hunter.

THEN THE EPILOGUE HAPPENS. Hold on to your parents for this one guys. In the epilogue Lukas is finally meeting the bad vampire leader and his new lady that he has kept hidden from the world. The lady turns out to be Sofia’s mom who her dad sent away when she was a kid because she went crazy!!!!!!!!!! Bella Forrest just dropped the mic and walked away.

See? I told you this was a rant. This series is a total guilty pleasure hate read for me, so stay tuned for book three review soon because I just can’t quit.

2 stars



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