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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

This was a book that I was not anticipating liking. I actually really only wanted to read it because there was SO much hype surrounding it. I haven’t read any of the other books in the Grishaverse because they just didn’t seem like I would like them. Y’all have no idea how surprised I was when I finished Six of Crows. This book just skyrocketed up past almost every book I have read this year and know sits comfortably in my top books of 2015. I want to take pages of this book and just tattoo it to my skin so I can read it over and over. I loved it that much.

I’m sure you’ve heard that this book is like a fantasy version of Oceans Eleven. It is, really. It’s about a band of misfit criminals who come together to perform an impossible high stakes mission all for the sake of a lot of money. The gang called the Dregs are enlisted by a high ranking member of the Council to bust this scientist out of a high security palace called the Ice Court. The scientist wanted because he is taking a common drug (which is basically an upper) and taking it to new levels that only affect Grishas (basically Grisha power on coke). The leader of the Dregs, Kaz, rallies his best criminals together to form the Six of Crows.

<b>”No Mourners. No Funerals.”</b>

There are six Crows (bet you would have never guessed that!): Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper, and Wylan. Kaz is the leader and the bad ass crime lord that brings them all together. His past his really murky and unknown. Most people only know him as a legend and as the guy who will not turn down any crime, no matter how dirty or impossible. Inej is the girl who everyone discounts because of her size, but she is the Wraith who steals secrets and knowledge but is also what holds the group together with her kindness. She is Kaz’s right hand lady and really the only person that he trusts.. Well, as much as Kaz is able to trust. Nina is the sultry Grisha who desperately wants to do what’s right for her people and also for her long lost lover, Matthias who has been locked away for the last year. She is a Heartrender which means she has the power to really mess people up with just of her wrist. Matthias is a solder formerly of the Ice Court who has spent the last year in an awful prison because of betrayal and is only associating with the criminals because they busted him out the joint. He is promised his freedom if he cooperates, but cooperating means betraying his country. Jesper is the compulsive gambler who knows his way around a rifle and is the groups sharp shooter. Jesper is like one of those dolls that you open and find more and more dolls. He is so multilayered and full of secrets. Wylan is the young blood fresh to the Barrel who has a talent with explosives. They all couldn’t be more different, but that is what makes them so amazing. You get his POV the least, but you still learn a lot about him through other characters. You kind of figure there is going to be at least one character you don’t like, but by the end, I absolutely loved all of them.

From what I’ve seen, Kaz is the fan favorite by far. He is a great character, but he isn’t my favorite. I love that he is unapologetically ruthless and waivers for no one. He is a strong character despite having a physical ailment and being pretty effed in the head from his past. My favorite character is Nina. She is a survivor who has had to make hard decisions in her past and hurt people she loves to do what is right. She is funny and always tries to lighten the mood by cracking jokes. She is also a girl after my own heart in the way that she can’t say no to anything sweet. What really made me love her is the dedication she has for those she loves. Just like the rest of the group, she has done some really bad things, but in my opinion, she gives herself to the group for the ultimate redemption for her sins. She and Matthias also jumped up high on my ship list because OMG I just can’t. No spoils, but they were so exhausting to listen to at first because they hated each other but after their backstory…. OMG. I love them. I couldn’t get enough of them by the end.

<b>”I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath.”</b>

After Nina, I really loved Inej. I loved how the two of them are leading ladies but they had no competition against each other. If anything, they formed a deep friendship as the book went on. Inej was the character who made my heart squeeze the most because of her backstory. Everything she has gone through made me really admire how she is still kind and caring. She also is such a bad ass because she basically does the impossible in this book. Every time the group gives her some ridiculous scheme to pull off, she does it and makes it her bitch. Don’t doubt this little lady because she will have you nailed to the wall by the end of it. Not to mention she also is a part of my second favorite ship of the book. She and Kaz are so opposite but you just want them to be together because they would be SO good for each other. SO FRUSTRATING.

<b>”The heart is an arrow. It demands to aim to land true.”</b>

The plot is so fast paced while taking you through the current situations and also sending you back in time so you can get a glimpse of each character’s past life. There isn’t a time where I felt bored or where I thought the story was dragging. If anything, I wanted it to slow down. I found myself so engulfed in the book that I felt like I was right there fighting the battles with the rest of the Crows. It took me several days to read the book because I tried to savor each part. Each time I learned a little bit of the back story of each character, I felt more apart of the world. With every twist and turn, I felt myself falling more and more in love with the story and the characters. So many things happened that caught me by surprise. Most books you can kind of get a feel of where it is going to go by the end, but not this one. I literally had NO idea where the story was going to go and how it was going to end. NO IDEA. For the amount of books that I read, that is saying something.

Leigh Bardugo wasn’t really on my radar before this book, but she sure is heck is now. Not to mention that I was lucky enough to meet her at YALLFest and she was everything that I hoped for and more. She even looks like she belongs in the Grishaverse! When I met her, she was wearing this long black gothic dress and had on killer jewelry. Basically, I want to be her.

If you haven’t read this book, do it now. If you don’t think you’ll like this book, I don’t care. Go read it anyway. I am absolutely in love with Six of Crows and cannot wait until the sequel (which will also be the final book since this will only be a duology) later this year.

5 stars



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