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Until It’s Right by Jamie Howard

This was a book that I intended to read leisurely while I had down time at work and spread it out over the next week or so. What I didn’t expect is for me to love the story so much that I couldn’t stop reading and ended up finishing it all in two days.

Haley just got out of a terrible breakup that lead her to lose not only her boyfriend but also most of her friends along the way. She also hasn’t spoken with her family in four years, so now she is virtually alone (aside from her roommate, Tara). Tara convinces her that it is time to put herself out there, so they head out to a local club to see what options Haley has. Pretty much off the bat, Haley locks eyes with a gorgeous stranger who immediately asks her to dance. They talk and dance late into the night until Tara makes Haley leave. The guy gives Haley his phone number– he shouts it to her over the music while they are on the dance floor causing her to mishear one digit. When she goes to text him in a few days, she gets the disappointing reality that it isn’t his phone number, but a nameless stranger who engages her in conversation. In a moment of drunken weakness, she keeps talking to her new text friend and they develop an unlikely friendship and tells him all things she can’t tell anyone else. She even nicknames him Clark (short for Clark Kent) because of his mysteriousness and he calls her Lois.

Haley starts a new temp job and meets her adorable coworker, Kyle, who is the resident IT nerd. They click instantly and soon start having lunch together every day. They each start developing feelings for each other, but neither has the courage to tell each other. To complicate thing, one night when Haley is at Kyle’s apartment, she texts Clark and much to Kyle’s surprise, his phone goes off. After putting two and two together, Kyle realizes that he is actually Clark and Haley has been texting his work phone this entire time. Now that he knows the truth, he has no idea what to do. He doesn’t want to deceive Haley, but how can he tell her the truth without her ditching him? So he decides to just hold off and hope she stops texting Clark. Their friendship ebbs and flows and the feelings for each other grow stronger and stronger. They both have so many other things going on in their life and neither will come clean about their feelings that it leads the other to think that they aren’t interested. Finally everything comes to a head and the truth is revealed, and Haley has to decide if she can ever forgive Kyle for lying to her.

This book was ADORABLE. I loved all of the characters in it, especially Kyle. He is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to guys in NA books. He is dorky and proud of it, and he isn’t your typical Greek god statue. He has glasses and is tall and lean and just as self conscious about his body as any girl. He treats Haley like gold and would make an excellent book boyfriend. Even his fatal flaw of lying to her about the Clark thing can be written off to bad judgement.

It killed me how long Kyle was in the friendzone. Kyle and Haley have incredible chemistry. At first, I thought the book was pretty innocent. I thought to myself “I thought this was a NA book?” and then BAM! Just when I was least expecting it, we get the heat. Man oh man, I am not disappointed. Kyle takes all that insecurity and throws it out the window and brings his A game. The sexual tension that between Haley and Kyle could have been cut with a knife and when it finally happened, I was ready to excuse myself to go sit under a cold shower. Thank tha lordt for the nerds of the world.

The story flowed really well and I liked the pace of things. My only complaint is that the author gives us little tastes of background info about the characters here and there but doesn’t go into it. For example, at the wedding, Haley runs into Sloane and Blaire’s grandmother, Bunny, who she said she is really close to and that “it’s complicated.” Why? What’s the story? I want to know more! Fingers crossed that this book turns into a series following Kyle and Haley and we get to know more about them.

If you are looking for a super quick NA read that is unlike any of the books out there, this is for you.

5 stars



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