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Slated by Teri Terry

*Originally posted on Southern Bred, Southern Read Blog 01/02/15*

Kyla Davis has been slated meaning that her brain has been wiped of all memories and now she all her emotions are monitored through a machine called a Levo that is attached to her wrist. This is done because she has committed a crime and the government has given her another chance– a clean slate to start over with a new life. The book starts with Kyla being released from the hospital to her new family, The Davis’, because she has been deemed acceptable and recovered enough from her slating to reenter society as a “normal” teenage girl. From the beginning you know that Kyla is different than other slateds. I kept thinking to myself throughout the whole book “this girl is Divergent!!!” because her mind refuses to conform and fit into this nice little mold that it is supposed to. Too bad there isn’t a Theo James in this one. The love interest does sound very handsome and he is a super nice guy, so if it can’t be Theo then I guess he will work. *le sigh*

What I really liked about this book is that it takes on a different topic than normal dystopian YA books. The main undercurrent of the book is political because society is dealing with a government that is law and order centered (or Lorders, as they call them in the book) and also with terrorist groups that are trying to overthrow the government. I normally don’t care about reading about politics, but I thought it was interesting to see how all the characters are involved and are impacted in some way.

I didn’t really like how a lot of questions remained unanswered at the end of this book. Maybe it’s just me and my fuzzy head (I have a head cold and am currently drunk on cold medicine) but a lot of things didn’t really come together and make sense. I’m sure that the build is all leading to the second book but I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW!

I definitely will continue with this series because I love a good dystopian read and I really liked the characters. I think the plot is unique and the writing is well done. I’m looking forward to ordering books two and three and seeing what happens with Kyla. I have a feeling she is going to turn out to be a really BA character.

4/5 stars



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