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Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

*Originally posted on Southern Bred, Southern Read Blog 01/03/15*

This is one of the books that Angela put in my bag for our book swap. I’ve been putting off reading it for a while, because I have had a hangover from fantasy books (and for some reason I thought this book was about faes??). I picked it up the other day and decided to give it a shot because it is pretty short (280-ish pages) and because I know JLA won’t do me wrong. I’m REALLY glad I decided to give it a shot! This book actually deals a lot with Greek mythology which I have always been really interested in.

Alex is the main character who is a half blood, the daughter of a mortal (absentee) dad and a pure blood (meaning a direct descendant of the demi-gods) mom. Because of being half blood, she has limited options in life: be a servant to pure bloods or be a guard or be a Sentinel, which is like these BA daimon hunters. Her mom didn’t want her to deal with that life, so they left the safety of the Convenant and lived on the run in the mortal world for three years. After Alex’s mom is killed by daimons, Alex finds herself alone and running. She is finally picked up by Sentinels sent by the Covenant to bring her back. Now that she is back, one of the pure blood Sentinels that saved her, Aiden, volunteers to help her train to get back on track to resume classes in the Fall. This is much better than the alternative of becoming a servant. The book mostly follows Alex’s training and the book ends right before classes start in the Fall.

I really like Alex’s character. She is tough and a smart ass and a little bit reckless. She has had a tough few years and deals with everything by being snarky. She has a lot of character flaws, but I think that is what makes her easy to identify with. I like how she makes mistakes and is scrappy, but isn’t afraid to own up to it. I think she’s going to really develop into a strong character as the series goes on.

The main love interest is Aiden, but he is totally off limits since he is a pure blood. On the cover of the book, someone is quoted saying this book is sexy or something, but I don’t know if they read something different than me because there isn’t a lot of steam in it. The love story is sweet, but I just kept finding myself wanting more out of the Aiden. I kind of feel like if the book was 50 pages longer and focused just a little more on Aiden then I would have loved it even more.

That being said, there is another hottie named Seth who makes an appearance. I really hope a love triangle develops because Aiden and Seth are complete opposites. Where Aiden is serious and reserved, Seth is all YOLO and goes after what he wants. They both sound like hotties and are swoon worthy in their own ways.

The book has a lot of action in it as the plot progresses. There are a few really big plot twists that caught me by surprise. I really look forward to reading the rest of the series so I can see how everything unfolds. I think fans of Vampire Academy and Mortal Instruments will enjoy this book. The basic troubled girl who needs training and falls for her trainer thing is very Vampire Academy, and the whole daimon hunter thing reminds me of Mortal Instruments.

4/5 stars



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