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Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ranson Riggs

*Originally posted on Southern Bred, Southern Read Blog 01/07/16*

Miss Peregrine’s was a book I received from Angela for Christmas. We both have talked about reading it for the longest time, but neither one of ever pulled the trigger. We became even more interested in reading it since it will become a movie in 2016 and will be directed by Tim Burton!!! How awesome is that?!

So, I finally decided that I would give it a shot. Going into it with little to no ideas about the plot, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. What I didn’t expect was to connect deeply with the main character, Jacob, who’s world has been completely turned upside after his beloved grandfather dies. His grandfather doesn’t just pass away peacefully in his sleep. He is killed by a monster with inky black eyes and three long tentacle like tongues after no one believes Grandpa Portman when he tells them the danger that he is in. You see, Grandpa Portman has always told these fantastical stories about growing up on a island in the UK that was full of peculiar children who all had special abilities. The island was a safe haven for them from the monsters of the outside world. It wasn’t until Jacob was a little older that he began to realize that Grandpa Portman’s stories were just made up. It isn’t until Jacob sees his grandfather die that he begins to realize how true the stories just might be.

Everyone things Jacob is crazy after he describes what killed his grandpa, but even so his psychiatrist encourages him when he wants to make a trip to the island that his grandpa grew up on piece together what he knows and solve a mystery about Grandpa Portman’s life. When Jacob arrives and actually finds Miss Peregrine’s home and meets her and all of the children, his life is forever changed.

This story uses so much of your imagination and has you so wrapped up in this peculiar world that you just won’t be able to put it down. It had elements that I loved from a lot of my favorite children’s stories like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. The plot is much deeper than I anticipated and deals with some really heavy things, but you really get to know and love and understand the characters. My heart really ached for Emma in particular, and I really think she is my favorite character besides Miss Peregrine herself and Milliard. The world building…OH THE WORLD BUILDING! I felt like I was there in Miss Peregrine’s house playing alongside the rest of the kids. My heart was in my throat during the last part of the book, and I am on pins and needles to see what happens in book two.
This is a really delightful book, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how Tim Burton brings this world to the big screen. I think it is going to be truly spectacular. Let me also add in that if you are expecting this book to be spooky or creepy, you will probably be let down. Yes, there are some creepy things that happen and some may find the pictures included a little disturbing, but the book is not meant to be horror or a thriller. Just wanted to add that in since the cover can be a little misleading into thinking you are going to get a scary read. Still wonderful and very unique.

5/5 stars



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