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Raw by Belle Aurora

*Originally posted on Southern Bred, Southern Read Blog on 12/24/14*

Have you ever had someone highly recommend you a book and after you finish reading it you felt like you read something completely different? That’s how I felt reading RAW. Angela recommended it because she LOVED it. One of the best books all year. 10/10 stars. Yeah… I didn’t get that same experience from this book. Different strokes for different folks and all that, but I thought posting my completely opposite review along with hers would give two different POVs and show how one book can read completely different depending on the person.

I’m just going to break it down really short and sweet on what I liked and didn’t like about this book. I’ll start with the dislikes, since it will be much longer.

What I didn’t like:
-Lexi. As someone who is supposed to be a strong independent woman, this chick makes some REALLY bad choices. She knows she has a stalker for over a year, but is all whatevs about it until the dude comes to her rescue on night. After that she is in insta-lust/love with him and he breaks into her room every night to sleep with her. Ok. Do I really need to elaborate on this? This is a man you literally just met who has been STALKING you for a year and now you want to get it on with him just because he is hot and because he saved you one night so now you feel security with him? SERIOUSLY? Her choices throughout the book had me wishing I should have had a V8. She has a government job where she is a social worker but after meeting Twitch, she constantly puts herself and her job and even the kids she works with at stake. ALL FOR THIS DUDE WHO HAS BEEN STALKING HER. A DUDE WHO OPEN ADMITS THAT HE WILL EVENTUALLY HURT HER AND THAT SHE SHOULD BE AFRAID OF HIM. There is one scene where Twitch is “handling” a guy who broke into his house and he says something along the lines of how mad he is because he just wanted to spend a night in with one of his girls. Lexi overhears this and gets super upset, NOT BECAUSE HE IS BEATING THIS DUDE/PROB GONNA KILL HIM, but because he calls her “one of his girls” instead of “his girl.”

-Twitch. Yes that is his chosen name. This dude…. Ok, I will give in and say he does sound super hot. Tattooed head to toe with piercings in plays that make your ovaries clench. But this dude in an abusive asshole. I have no problem with guys taking over a dominate role (Twitch would want to punish me right now for using a label *eyeroll*), but this dude takes it well beyond the line of dom into just being a dick because he has had a crap life and has some serious anger issues. Like scary anger issues. Even if I left the way he treats Lexi out of this, the way he treats EVERYONE around him is abusive. At more than one point in the book, Ling (one of his employees/ex-hookups) does something that really pisses him off and he finds himself with his hands around her throat getting answers out of her or threatening her. Um, no. Whatever redeeming qualities Twitch may have, I just can’t get passed out damaged he is and how scary abusive he is.

-The sex scenes. I feel like the majority of them where there just to be there. They didn’t add a whole lot to the plot and where dirty/raunchy just for the sake of being dirty. It wasn’t even a turn on for me because I was just so grossed out and angry with how big of a dick Twitch is and how ridiculous and pathetic Lexi is.
-The story line/ending/epilogue. There’s a plot other than really kinky sex and Twitch playing hot/cold with Lexi? Huh. Who would’ve known. Actually, the plot doesn’t even really pick up until like the last quarter of the book when things BESIDES hot kinky sex start happening. Even the “big twists” are sooo eye roll worthy that I thought my eyeballs where going to literally get stuck in my head by the time I closed the back cover. I guessed most of what was going to happen (except one thing which blindsided me BUT MADE ME COMPLETELY SEE RED), so I was just biding my time with one dramatic Lifetime movie moment after the next. The ending and epilogue killed me. KILLED ME. It is so ridiculously dramatic that it is laughable. I just can’t even. The entire time that I was reading, I kept saying “ok, I’ll just read fifty more pages and if it doesn’t get any better then I will break up with it,” but I wanted to try to hold out until the big twist finale. Seriously, I wish I would have stopped back at page100 when I thought it couldn’t get much worse.

What I liked about the book:
-Despite how much I hated one particular twist, it really did catch me off guard. It’s not something that you really put two and two together until it is revealed. I literally gasped out loud and said “WHAT THE EFF.”
-I like the cover art.

Ummmm… Yeah, that’s about it. This book really just wasn’t for me. Seeing as I spent the majority of this book in hulk rage anger and disgust, I feel like my next book I need to find a book that focuses on some sort of at least semi-healthy relationship since this one was such a turn off for me. I mean, I guess I would recommend this book for people who like NA and mature content, but honestly I LIKE that stuff and I couldn’t get into this book. I don’t know who to recommend this to. I’m just going to go get some bleach and try to get all of this out of my brain, seeing as it is 3am and I haven’t slept yet because I have been so wound up about how mad I am about this book. ARGH!

2/5 stars



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