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The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

*Originally posted on Southern Bred, Southern Bred Blog on 11/24/14*

You know all of those books where vampires are living among humans and they are trying to blend in so their true identities aren’t revealed? Well The Hunt is the exact opposite of that. Gene is a 17 year old human (or “heper” as they’re called in this book) living in a world full of vampires. A world where humans are believed to be extinct. He has lived his entire life following strict rules that his father taught him on how to blend into their world. He trains himself not to show the slightest emotion, he shaves all body hair, he wears fake fangs, and he has to force himself to eat raw meat when he’s with his peers.

It isn’t until Gene wins the lottery and gets to be one of seven other people (yeah, they refer to themselves as people.. it gets a little confusing) to hunt the last remaining hepers that have been raised in capitivty and studied by The Institute. Gene along with his hottie classmate who he has a mega crush on, Ashley June, travel to The Institute to train for five days before The Hunt. During the five days Gene finds out a lot about his fellow competitors and about himself. He ventures out during the way (while everyone is asleep since they can’t do sun) and meets the hepers that are going to be hunted. He finds out that they aren’t caveman like and are actually quite similar to him as far as intelligence. In the short time he knows them, he learns all about emotions and singing and other things that seem mundane but to him are completely alien because he has tried to blend in for so long. Things aren’t what they seem and lots of crazy things happen in the days leading up to The Hunt. By the time The Hunt actually rolls around, everything has literally hit the fan.

This was a really quick read for me. It’s relatively short (less than 300pg) and flows very well. I thought the book was pretty hilarious as well, but I don’t know if that is just me and my weird sense of humor or if it was actually meant to be funny. The mannerisms of the “people” and some of their gestures that they do are so strange and literally made me LOL. Like instead of laughing, for example, they scratch their wrists. It’s so funny to hear him describe all of his classmates scratching their wrists when someone says something funny!

The whole story is so unique to anything else I’ve ever read. I really, really enjoyed the book and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. This book left off on a HUGE cliffhanger so I’m interested to see how it plays out in book two and three. Like the very last sentence is a killer. I’m giving the book four out of five stars because I am still a little confused about a few things. I felt like a few questions and some gaps that could have been answered in a better way, but it’s not enough to leave you disliking the book or leaving you with your WTF face on. Overall, solid book with a good plot and good characters (even though I hate basically everyone’s name in the entire book). If you’re looking for something to change up from the normal type of books you’ve been reading, give this one a try. I think it’s very underrated and wish it could more hype so more people knew about it!

4/5 stars



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