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Thank you Aentee at Read at Midnight for creating this awesome book tag! I love when fandoms collide.

When I started Pokemon Go, I chose Squirtle because how can you not? Look how cute that face is!

For my book choices, the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, and The Hunger Games series all are credited for my love (obsession) with reading. THG is really what sparked me into reading YA as an adult, so I guess you can blame Suzanne Collins for me becoming the fangirl that I am today.

I finally caught my first Pikachu when my husband was driving down the road last week and almost crashed because I yelled for him to STOP IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE THERE IS A PIKACHU. Thankfully no humans or Pokemon were injured in the capturing of this little bugger.

My book choice is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen because, in my mind, it is the ultimate romantic classic. I love all of Jane’s books, but P&P will forever be my favorite. Mr. Darcy is the original book boyfriend. ❤

Does anyone else think Zubats are so annoying? I saw one at sunset the other day and wasted like five Poke balls trying to catch the dang thing. So annoying and not even that high of CP!

My book choice is The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. *ducks and hides* I know that is a super unpopular opinion, but TMI is everywhere and I’m just over it. The books are OKAY (I’m on book five and can’t move further because it is basically the same thing over and over), the movie was tolerable only because it was good in that cult classic bad kind of way, and the TV show was absolutely terrible. On top of all of that, there are so many spin off books (The Bane Chronicles, the new Bane adult books that will be out soon, The Infernal Devices, Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy, etc.).. It’s just to the point where it is just too much.

I have not yet (and probably won’t be one of the lucky ones who will) found a Ditto. They are so cute and look like little gumdrops.

The Shatter Me series came out at a time where dystopian worlds filled with tyrannical governments were really popular. Add in a bad ass female MC, a love triangle, and a bunch of powerful characters… BAM you have almost every YA book published since 2010. This is still one of my absolute favorite YA series.

The only Snorlax I have seen in the game was someone who owned a gym that had one.

My book choice is Outlander. I WANT TO READ THIS SERIES SO BAD, but it is so long. My goal is to at least read the first book so I can kind of know what is going on and pretend to be part of the fandom. I also am dying to watch the Outlander TV show, but I won’t allow myself to until I read the first book. That’s a fair trade off, right?

Look how scary this little guy is! Just looking at him makes me think of the things that probably live under my bed and come out at night to watch me sleep.

My book choice is The Record series by K.A. Linde. I was really hesitant about this series because it is political NA (neither really interest me), but I gave it a go because I love her All That Glitters series so much (literally the only other NA series that I love). You guys, I stayed up all night reading all three books in this series. I think I finished the whole series in like 36 hours? It is SO good. One of the companion books, Struck from the Record, recently released and I cannot wait to get my paws on it.

I have this cute little pair, but I have yet to evolve them to their full potential yet! Getting candy for evolution is a lot tougher than it seems like it should be.

My book choices.. I could write an entire post just on this! Here are just a few of the many: Juliette and Warner from Shatter Me, Hazel and Augustus in TFIOS, Celaena and Chaol from ToG (I KNOW I KNOW everyone says I will change my mind once I read Queen of Shadows, but I don’t believe it!!), Nina and Matthias from Six of Crows, and Scarlet and Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles.

I have a sweet little Ponyta that I recently caught that I am trying to build up. I can’t wait to evolve her!

My book choice is This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. This book was so captivating and like nothing else I have ever read. It is a YA book that has monsters and action, but has no romance. The concept is completely original and it is no wonder that this book has already been opted for a movie even though it just released last month. I guarantee if you pick this book up, you won’t be able to put it down.


Oh sweet little Eevees. I really do never get tired of seeing them pop up.

My book choice for this is the Harry Potter series. I could read a hundred more books about Hogwarts. I am so excited for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to come out on July 31st. I am equally as excited to see Fantastic Beasts in theaters this fall. This world is one that I will truly never tire of.


Magikarp really do seem like the most useless Pokemon, don’t they? I guess it is true that you shouldn’t judge a book (or a Pokemon) by its cover!

My book choice is the Anna/Lola/Isla series by Stephanie Perkins. I’ll admit, I first read Anna and the French Kiss a few years ago and HATED it. I recently reread it and then read the other two books in the series and fell in love. I didn’t like YA contemporary back then as much and now it is one of my absolute favorite genres. Isla was the perfect conclusion to the series and definitely the best of the group, but they are all stellar.


I don’t have any super cool Pokemon yet. I’m still a lowly level 9. Hopefully I will find something legendary and cool soon!

My book choice for this would definitely be The Lunar Chronicles. This series is SO hyped, but I finally gave it a shot a few months ago. I AM IN LOVE. I just have Winter left to read (which is probably the most hyped of them all), but I am kind of dragging my feet because I don’t want it to end.


I definitely don’t have any special collector Pokemon yet. Again, hopefully that will change as I move through the ranks.

I really, REALLY want the Penguin Classics hardcover editions of Jane Austen: The Complete Works. These covers are beautiful and I think they would look fantastic on my shelves.


I really hope walking 5k and 10k with this dang eggs pay off. I better hatch something cool! If I walk all this way and get a Rattata, I will blow up the universe.

My book choice is The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett. I adore this book. I was lucky enough to grab an ARC at BEA, and I cannot wait for you guys to read it when it releases in January. I’ve never identified with a character more than I have with the MC, Hawthorne Creely. This is just all around a fantastic book.


I love when people set out lures. I have a few in my bag that I haven’t had a chance to use. I’m trying to save them for when I am able to go somewhere like a park for an extended amount of time and camp out.

My author choice for this is easily Colleen Hoover. Her latest novel is It Ends With Us, which comes out next month, and I had NO idea what it was about when I read it. When I had the opportunity to read an ARC, I jumped at it because I knew that I would love it no matter what it is about. I was right, of course. The book is amazing and probably in my top three CoHo books.


There is seriously nothing more frustrating than this message. You can hear the screams of Pokemon players all over the world when this message pops up.

For my book choice, it has to be Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I (along with the rest of the world) have been waiting this sequel ever since we finished Six of Crows last year. This is easily one of the most anticipated books of the year in the YA community.


I hope you guys enjoyed this mashup of Pokemon and books! Feel free to use any of these graphics and do this tag yourself. Just don’t forget to link back to the original creator!



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