Book Reviews

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

I fell in love immediately with Cate and her sisters. Cats is the oldest and the responsible one who has had to give up her own dreams in order to protect her sisters. Maura, the middle child, is wild as her red hair. She loves to lose herself in romance novels and wants nothing more than to get out of their stifling little town. Tess is the youngest and the scholar. She loves cooking and is fluent in three languages. All three sisters are witches and must hide their powers from the Brotherhood who runs the town. The girls’ mother died when they were young and her dying wish was for Cate to protect the younger two and to keep their magic a secret. Not even their father knows they are witches.

This is my absolute favorite era to read about (late 1800s) because of the fascinating societal rules and the interesting dresses. Witches are also one of my favorite subjects, so this book was written for me.

All of the characters are wonderful. We mostly get to know Cate, but I have a feeling in the other books in the series we will have a chance to learn more about the other two. I really felt so bad for Cate and how she has had to give up so much to protect her sisters. They resent her for mothering them, but she has done everything in her power (literally and figuratively) to protect them. Now that Cate is coming of age, she has to make a decision to either get married or join the Sisterhood. Her choice seems somewhat clear at first, but as the book goes on and we learn more about each character and all of their secrets, it isn’t as easy as Cate anticipated.

The love triangle in the book is sweet. Cate loves her childhood best friend, Paul, but can she see herself moving away with him and leaving her sisters? Then there is Finn, her unexpected ally who gives her everything she didn’t know she needed. I’m very much Team Finn. He is so sweet and charming. Paul seems like an all right guy, but I feel like their relationship has no spark or desire.

I was  captivated and finished the book quickly. The ending broke my heart! Here I was being silly and thinking that Cate had come to a good resolution and BAM things get thrown for a loop. Now here I am desperately trying to find the second book at a local store because I CANNOT wait two business days for it to ship here. Luckily my library has it in stock. I will be there when the doors open to check it out.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. If you are a fan of witches and books about magic, you need to check this out. I’m so excited to see where to series goes.

5 stars



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